It’s possible to heal in a comfortable atmosphere

It’s obviously like a healthy massage parlor.

I went in without worrying because I got one.

Inside, it’s a relaxing 스웨디시 song.

The gentle light welcomed us.

For your information, there are so many different discount events.

Please refer to it and visit.

For your information, I visited with my girlfriend

I got an aroma full body massage.

You open the door, you walk right in front of them.

There’s a shoe rack. It’s a shoe rack.

Take off your shoes and change to slippers.

After that, get the keys to the shoe rack in the fitting room.

Get in there, where the numbers fit.

You can take it off and keep it well.

It just so happens that the boss has found a space inside The Foot Shop

He was disinfecting it with his own eyes.

It was a more reliable place to check.

You’re going through a lot of trouble, and you’really.

I want to provide a pleasant environment.

The boss really liked it.

The men’s and women’s rooms are separated.

Get into a place that fits your gender.

You can change and come out again.

Because you’re a man, you’re in a men’s locker room.

I took a picture of him, and he was in a very soft state.

Clothes are divided by size.

You can choose a set and change.

At Ilsan Massage, clothes and towels.

You said you were doing the sterilization laundry.

It seemed more believable.

Inside the dressing room, there’s a washable…

Space was also provided.

I slowly changed my clothes and went out.

My girlfriend’s already changed.

Dr. Fish was ripping me off.

I’m gonna hurry up and get in there with Dr. Fish.

I put my foot in the tank and got my exfoliating treatment.

It has multiple rooms.

A rescue to take a foot bath in the middle!

You had a hard time coming in cold weather.

They provided hot packs one by one.

I’ve been able to keep you warm, and I’ve been able to tell you

I was able to peel the dead skin off hard.

If you look around, you’ll find a nice-looking,

There’s a lot of foot baths.

You can experience it in person a little later.

Once you’ve had some time with Dr. Fish time,

It’s the one with the fragrant bath right next to it.

You can spend time dipping your feet in a foot bath.

When I chatted with my girlfriend,

The fatigue of the feet is relieved and it quickly becomes tired.

As you spend your time, the massage parlor personally says,

Wipe your feet and move to the massage room.

Before that, I’d like to ask for your understanding.

I looked around the rooms a little and left a picture.

The room I’m showing you first is a room for three people.

Next, I’ll come to the single room alone and be comfortable.

I want to get a massage in the atmosphere.

I highly recommend this room to people.

There’s an additional way to lie down and wait.

There’s a fluffy chair.

Mothers with children.

If you come, you’ll have to sit him down and be comfortable.

You can enjoy massage in the atmosphere.

A double room is also organized like this.

There’s a fluffy chair here, too.

People waiting for a while, or children,

It seemed appropriate to be a waiting area

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