We give you the wonderful beauty, harmony, happiness, and health of your family.

All of a sudden last winter
Rather than the coldness of leather,
I want to use a sofa that has a good touch with my skin. I was thinking about it.
You boldly changed the sofa under the pretext of moving to the terrace house in January.

The picture’s pink because of the lights.
Sweet Violet Adela Sofa.
His name’s so sweet.

I’ve been into purple lately.
I chose Bora for the Terrace Earnings and installed it in advance!
Set, set, set, set. It’s like that.

Two months of waiting for Adela’s couch.
It felt like it was longer than the two years I was waiting to move…
The empty space I cleaned the day before the sofa arrived has changed.
The round-stool I chose for Bora is also used as a dressing table chair.
You look great in the living room!

My brother moved two years ago.
I’m looking at Coral Vesso and his purchase of a Skycolor Prince’s Bed.
It was so, so, so, so, so, so, so…
I just thought it was pretty.

It just so happens to be my family.
I can’t be happier with Adela.

I’d like to tell people to buy Hessed, not Chanel bags.
Hessed is also the cheapest today!
Okotex! First-grade certification. Pro-skin, pro-human body, eco-friendly.
Maybe it’s better than this modifier.
I’d really encourage people to sit down.

I’m trying to take a good picture, but the kids aren’t waiting for me.
It’s a sweet violet that stands out in the natural light.

Just one sweet violet color.
Just thinking of a simple, straight sofa.
I visited the Hessed store.

Actually, my family needs are a couch where I can lie down and lean comfortably.
I’m so sorry that I’ve been thinking about it, and the couch that the groom wants, plus the kids and the stool.

Slowly looking all over the floor, listening to the explanation, sitting down.
I’d like to thank you for your meticulous guidance on how to make sure the whole family can get access to different seats on different couches.
I’d like to thank the staff.

The color of the cushion you chose is really sweet like macaron, so it’s pretty.
We give you the wonderful beauty, harmony, happiness, and health of your family.

For more information and additional benefits, see
If you call me or call me, I’ll help you with a friendly consultation.
Are you having a great weekend?
The place we’re going to introduce today is…
This is the construction site of Ilmirang in Samrangjin.

The combination of the anneals and the signboards.
It’s under construction for a fixed-type maintenance.

Construction completed -!
Two fixed signage anneals have been constructed.

It’s a sign that exudes a presence.
Modern and neat interior is in fashion these days.
It’s a product that a lot of people visit.

At the front, the name of the name, phone number, or
You can also print pretty pictures.

I worked hard today, and I came home,

I was in hard mode, and I drank canned beer to relieve my loneliness.

I have it.

I’ve been so busy lately.

There’s a lot of people out there looking for me.

For those of you who think of country houses,

Which means they’re giving us trust.

I will continue to work hard as Deputy General Manager Kim.

The country house I’m posting on today’s blog is…

Located in Heungcheon-myeon, 스카이어닝 Yeoju,

Cinnamon House, country house.

in the secondary complex.

built in the finest form

the so-called Ansiseong-style country house.

I’ll guide you.

It’s the best view in the complex.

on a wide and horizontal ground

You’re the president of the museum, the museum.

with a bunker parking lot.

You built a luxurious rural house.

With a spacious front yard and a high floor.

a luxurious living room

And the detachable kitchen structure.

a well-equipped country house

I’ll guide you.

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