You didn’t promise me this time.

I left a review of the U.S. Championship with the heads of the Jujitsu branch in the gym band.
I thought it would be a vicarious satisfaction at a time when I was sad about the overseas match with Corona.
It’s not enough, but please read it interestingly.

I got a good chance, so I came to Incheon Airport to attend the U.S. Championships, go to the gym, and go to Las Vegas.
You put more weight on your training than on the game, and you’re a little over-scheduled.
A 12-hour flight from Incheon Airport on Thursday.Arriving in Las Vegas early in the evening…It’s a tight schedule to sleep and play the next day.
Start explaining random pictures!
Celebrating at the airport?Take a picture.
We’ve prepared a must-have item for the long flight!
How did you manage to get to Las Vegas?
Las Vegas is in the middle of the desert, so the weather is crazy. It’s over 40 degrees.
But we still need to take a commemorative photo.
try to get a hotel near the stadium
I just rented a house.
I was a little worried, but it’s cleaner and better than I thought!
I went to bed for the next day’s game, but I woke up early in the morning because of the time difference.I’m screwed ㅠㅠ
Get your stuff and go to the game.

Four players participate in the competition.
I’m the only one who came in second.
Your three-minute supervisor has won the championship with overwhelming.

The best performers in the old fan cancer competition decided to treat them to a treat, so I bought them.
In Abu Dhabi, someone with good grades decided to buy it, so I bought it.

But you didn’t promise me this time. Oh, you idiot.

Still, I’m happy that my teammates won!

I’m going to stay in Las Vegas for about two days and go to La from Monday to go to the gym.
I’m still in Las Vegas this evening, but I think I should go to the casino.

Look forward to it.
If it 주짓수 works well, the gym will expand.
I just woke up from sleep. I’m all over the place.

I went to Jujitsu Club for a seminar.

A former taekwondo instructor and his wife,
Just like the gym you run.
Kids Taekwondo Officer and Adult Jiujitsu Officer
I think it matched well.

I can’t see my face well because I’m wearing a mask, but I’m sure it’s a couple.
Thank you very much for attending the seminar and for those who got promoted.
Today’s theme can be used for leg rock and anger.
is a technology unique to anger.
And here’s the couple’s blue belt.

I am a passionate man with 100% attendance at the seminar despite a finger fracture.
There’s a lot of female staff, so at first, I don’t know how to proceed.
I was embarrassed.
The more you proceed, the better you move your eyes than most men.
There were a lot of progress.

I always think that jujitsu is science.
We spend a lot of time on all technologies to conduct research seminars.
National judo representative
The path to learning is endless.
Director Jiu-Jitsu, who teaches me a friendly one.
One of the easiest techniques for a man to win is jiujitsu leg rock.

I’ll leave a review again!

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