How powerfully you push forward in the case of policy

The Citibank branch of the financial union said on October 16, Citigroup decided to withdraw the retail banking of Citibank Korea, saying, “We can not recognize the unilateral and unilateral announcement of the headquarters of New York.”

The union said in a statement, “The union has declared that it will unite and develop a strong struggle.”

“The management has already recognized the announcement a few days ago, but it has been falsely acting until the day, and it has been informed that it has been trying to finish the negotiations with the union, and demanded 폰테크 immediate resignation with a serious warning.”

The union is in the process of negotiating with the Central Labor Relations Commission in 2020 and plans to apply for the settlement of the dispute at the final negotiation scheduled for 19th. In this case, the union predicted that a legal dispute, including a general strike, will be possible in a month.

The union criticized Citigroup for “taking about 2.9 trillion won from Citibank Korea in the form of dividends and service expenses for the past 10 years (2011-2020), but not a single employee of new public bonds for 10 years.”

“Citibank Korea currently has about 3,500 employees, including about 2,500 employees in consumer finance (including about 940 employees in branches).” If exit strategies such as sale or withdrawal of consumer finance are promoted, large-scale unemployment occurs and damage to customers is a concern. “

The union also said, “Customers who are worried about their assets are inundated, and hundreds of billions of won of bank runs are occurring at each branch.” “We will concentrate more on corporate finance, but corporate financial customers are also watching the irresponsible behavior of the company.”

“The union is working closely with the financial authorities to reveal the foreign capital of the case of customer damage,” he said. “We are devoting our high-ranking customers who have traded for decades in a hurry to profit.”

However, Citibank Korea said it was “unfounded at all” about the union’s “bank run.” The financial authorities also said, “We do not see any special trends.”

The union announced that it will hold a protest at its headquarters from the 16th, and will hold an emergency power management committee on the 19th to launch an emergency committee and organize a struggle fund. From the end of this month, the National Assembly’s Political Affairs Committee and the Environmental Labor Committee are planned.

The labor union has commented on the standing committee member of the Economic, Social and Labor Committee (Slope and Labor Committee), who was nominated as the 8th Minister of Employment and Labor, as “a stable management type with communication power.”

Ahn, who is from 33 times in the past, has been working in the public societies for 30 years. He was nominated as a minister after he was appointed as a standing committee member of the Vice Minister-level,

It is evaluated as having excellent knowledge of labor-management relations and labor policies. He served as a major director of labor policy and planning and coordination at the Ministry of Labor. He also served in various fields including the head of labor-management relations coordination team, foreign policy director, international cooperation officer,

In the labor community, many say that Ahn is a stable person without any major faults. Some say that he recognizes as much as communication power as one of the high-ranking officials who have experience in inter-management arbitration.

A labor official said, “There is no special negligence during the Ministry of Labor.” He said, “It seems to be a typical civil servant who is a little colorless and insensitive.

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