No matter how good you are, if you are not able to find it,

The golden entrance to the luxury symbol thrills me

As soon as you enter, there are neatly arranged slippers.

I took off my uncomfortable shoes and put on comfortable slippers

I feel like I’m getting tired!

That’s comfort! Oh, you can’t do this already!

The light light is a point on a slightly dark background that makes my mind comfortable!

I like the marble flooring

The interior counter with the luxury of the interior welcomes me ~

I do not have a reservation, so I am worried about what course to receive ~ !

It’s a lobby space where you can sit and wait comfortably.

I am satisfied with the calm and luxurious interior

Wow! I guess you’ve visited a lot of celebrities here!

I’m more excited about what kind of service I can get

Various course signs

It’s divided into taimasaji and aromasaji!

Daughter and boyfriend decide today with aroma massage with natural aroma oil!

I decided to take the middle price range of Aroma Focus Healing course!

Face technique mask packs and discovery management are great!

It’s also divided into the back/pelvis/thoracic/head, foot massage/leg front and back.

I am not only today, but I have always had a lot of leg and foot edema.

Wear clothes in a spacious, pleasant dressing room

The locker is very spacious, so I would like to store a lot of luggage!

You can open and close it with a password or key

I’ll change into a comfortable gown and go to the footbath room for you.

In a cozy space, there is a chair in the atmosphere where the emperor sits and is served!

Let us choose the perfume you want from us.

I feel so good that you take the water to the pleasant temperature and dip your feet in it.

It’s a refreshing scent that comes out of the flavor of fresh colors like cocktails.

I’m going to get drunk with just the right temperature of water and the pleasant smell!

A little while later, the massager came and gave me a proper intensity to step on my feet!

My boyfriend and I are already half tired.

I feel like my whole body is tired even if I receive only my feet, foot baths and acupressure called the heart

and a warm car for me

Comfortable lighting and interior of Hongdae Couple Massage Shop here,

with a pleasant scent and a warm tea

I really think that I was good at coming to Hongdae store in Cheongdam The Tai.

I feel like I’m being treated properly. I’m making money on this taste.

through the elegant interior corridor

Today we were escorted to the room where we’d be getting an aroma oil massage.

Do you see the shiny floor?

Hongdae Couple Massage Shop, which prioritizes cleanliness and hygiene!

I took a picture of cooking in a cozy massage room!

Can you see the neat, cleanly arranged bedside, towels, and pillows?

Clean hygiene score

Now we’re going to lie down next to each other and leave our tired body in the hands of the massager.

You can lower the lights before the massage starts

I stopped dozing in my comfortable hand.

Whoa! Wake up again!

Massage with a soft intensity from the upper body to the lower body.

He took care of where I was not good and let me go cool!

Her boyfriend worked on a lot of office work, released her neck-shouldered,

Me and my daughter are from the pelvis to the thighs, calf and foot

You’re cool and refreshing with the lower body

My legs weren’t always thick! They were swollen! It’s more comfortable 강남피쉬안마 with the swelling.

Natural aroma oil massage is so fresh and not so painful!

He was good to come, too. He’s healing at the right time

Draw your refreshed body into the shower

The luxurious and pleasant space of Hongdae Couple Massage is no longer surprising.

Shampoo, treatment, body cleanser is also good!

Toothbrush and toothpaste are all ready, so clean brushing is completed!

A pleasant dressing room ~ I took a different angle!

It is equipped with all kinds of basic cosmetics, combs, dryers, etc.

You know, the bathroom is a non-smoking area, right?

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