have a meeting to open a visit with friends

The arrival of the commandments was only in good position

No, it’s a decent look

I went inside and found a pretty large scale

The hall was neatly arranged.

You’ve got a nice table.

One wall is covered with a subtle light

The wood table light is installed

The quartile was not a joke.

There was a great reason for popularity.

Tray and the tableware were different

I’m sure you’re trusting me.

We’re sitting in a room

I ordered food.

The depraved cream chicken neck and red pepper paste direct fire chicken neck

Of course, the penis, the legs,

with the side dish to the odole bone salt roast

I’ve been enjoying myself.

After you order, you will start with the side dish.

I’m gonna have to go to the last tofu

The table is complete.

The green greens I ate as a side dish had a crispy texture

Good, and the flavorful taste is good

I was happy to give it to you.

I also ate a lot of tofu

It gave me an appetite.

It’s not stimulating, just a little sauce.

It was a wonderful taste and aroma.

The first of the most well-ordered foods

I’ve had a bite on my leg.

The meat is chewy and the vegetables are colorful

The added texture was attractive.

The hot, steamy, steamy,

With the leg of a bar in Gangnam

If you eat crunchy raw bee stew

It’s done.

Next, the very soft complete evangelism

I ate it on the front plate.

It’s complete and the staff is full

He gave it to me.

I baked it out, but the texture is moist

I was looking forward to it.

I’ll pick it up with chopsticks and put it in my mouth

Sarr melting down was amazing in the complete autobiography.

All these foods are eaten together by distillers

It’s much better.

They’re all very well together.

in full swing

I told him to try the chicken neck of the red pepper paste.

There was plenty of meat and eggs

The incense was very attractive.

The trimmed eggs were very clean and mongolian

You looked very good.

The bar is fresh with all the ingredients

I was very satisfied.

I was eating red chicken,

I’m sure the staff will pack the eggs in the middle

I was comfortable saying it was more delicious.

and the stroking odorrhoid bone was chewed.

I’ve got a sound that’s misreading.

The amount is good and the texture is perfect.

I thought of a drink.

Next time, I’ll have a nice little rice wine

He was 강남셔츠룸 there for her.

The salt grilled odole bones I never felt

The misreading texture and the savory seasoning

It was a good one.

If you take a stick, you can taste it

And the smell was good.

It was moderately seasoned with salt.

as well as garlic added to the size which is good to eat

If you eat the chili together, you’ll be much more

I felt less.

I was selling a unique beer.

It was a flavor I’d never felt before,

I had no objections.

I’m gonna have to tell you about the huge visual

And the depraved cream chicken throat was huge.

The heavy weight is great and it is easy

I could have emptied it all out.

Direct, it can look at to the fire show using torch

Good to have.

as great as it is of great size

I’m attracted to the Gangnam bar.

I had a good taste until the end

They even gave me a little thumbs up on the menus

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