I definitely promised to finish it before 1 o’clock and go to bed, but when I wrote it, I got angry and got longer. I’m sure I’ll get in trouble tomorrow morning.

The ribs 1 through 7 are called “real” Jin ribs, which are attached to the sternum through the cartilage, and the 8-12 cartilage, which is attached to the cartilage 7 like a yap, rather than an individual cartilage, is called a false rib.
(It was real!) And as you can see in the picture above, the 11th and 12th numbers that don’t stick to the cartilage are called floating ribs.
The role of the ribs (actually attached to various ligaments and muscles, so they do not float around) is primarily a major organ protection such as the heart’s lung and other support for breathing and various movements of the thoracic spine. Contrary to people’s perception, it is the most stable structure in the spine. It’s true. Anatomically shaped, the thoracic and pelvic shoulders should be in charge of the movement in the human body, and the cervical and lumbar knees should be in charge of position fixing.
However, modern sedentary life makes the thoracic spine and pelvis more rigid and the lumbar and cervical spine move too much. This is why all kinds of disks are causing trouble, and I’ll take the opportunity to deal with it.

In addition to the aforementioned strong damage or sudden force, rib cartilage sprains occur in car accidents or severe sneezes when heavy objects fall on the ribs.
There are often people who are concerned about the costochondritis, which is not frequent, so don’t worry too much.

The symptoms of rib cartilage sprains vary. If a rib fracture or bone bruise occurs 주짓수 (literally bruise on the bone), it can be unbearable sharp pain, severe pain during coughing, deep breathing of a stroke, and severe pain when lying down toward the damaged area.
In the case of rib cartilage sprains, pain in certain movements or dreary pain when lying down.

How can I check it out? Fractures can be confirmed by diagnostic imaging. Of course, the microfractures mentioned above are difficult to distinguish by X-rays during acute periods. If a fracture occurred.
Even so, it is hard to catch it because of edema in the beginning. Ultrasound is strong in this field. You can check it as soon as you can check it right away.
Rib cartilage sprains can be assumed to be pain when moving in the opposite direction of the damaged area, leading to movement of individual ribs, which is less reliable than the previously described methods.
If you don’t suspect a fracture and you’re sick, you might think it’s a rib cartilage sprain.

Treatment… rest. In fact, there is no cure for cartilage sprains or fractures other than rest. It takes time for you to recover. Structures such as cartilage do not have many blood vessels.
Naturally, the blood supply needed for recovery is not smooth, which is slower than muscles and other tissues. Some people ask what to do, cold or hot, but a 2014 study concludes that the two have similar effects in relieving pain during acute periods.
The fact that different people have different temperature receptors seems to be the cause, but not only pain relief, but also the differences could not be confirmed in those who implemented each three months later.
You can try and choose what you are comfortable with. Some recommend taking anti-inflammatory drugs such as NSAIDs, but if the pain is not severe, I don’t know if I need to take them.

The bottom line is, don’t let it drop like you’really. Furthermore, when I heard the story, it makes me even more upset that they often crossed their arms in front of their chests and didn’t order them to ease the impact.
I wonder what the brain structure looks like even if the similar weight falls wrong, it hurts a lot, but the person who weighs 20kg fell to his shoulder without any action.
Exercise is for your mental and physical health. What’s the point of being injured? In particular, the more extreme exercise such as jiujitsu, the more safety it should be.
You. You.

I definitely promised to finish it before 1 o’clock and go to bed, but when I wrote it, I got angry and got longer. I’m sure I’ll get in trouble tomorrow morning.
I put in this and that image with the thought of using it all the time, but the anger doesn’t easily subside. I hope many of my colleagues who are anxious about whether it is a fracture or not will refer to it.

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