Chanel flapback small with a cute, cute handle

Other luxury brands are also doing so, but Chanel continues to raise prices as it is said that it is the cheapest to buy today. But it seems to be steadily receiving the love of many people because it is a beautiful brand with a long history. I opened up this day and waited about an hour after I got the waiting number, and I entered Chanel’s store, Fortunately, I was able to purchase the product I wanted to purchase immediately after checking the condition because there was enough stock. One is the boyback that I introduced first, and the other is the Chanel flapback limited edition season bag that I introduce now. I was originally going to buy a boy million, but when I asked about a bag that seemed to me in the store, it was a flap bag that can be purchased only in the season. In fact, I heard that I was able to buy it because it was better with me than the boy bag. I bought both bags with great interest in my brother’s words that I should buy when I had a stock in front of my eyes The package of women’s luxury bags is really luxurious and pretty Chanel It’s a more shiny Holiday package than usual because I bought it at the end of the year. It’s shiny with 레플리카 pearls added to the Camelia and logo. It was pretty, but I was a little bit troubled by the pearls when I was unboxing. I was careful to put them in my bag. Two glossy boxes, cherished long and together When you open the logo sticker after you take it off, you can see the bag packed in the dust bag. Dustback unboxing can be referred to in the video, so please refer to unboxing in the video for those who are curious The sensitive Ramskin-based Chanel flap bag was packed once more in the same nonwoven fabric as the bag size. Due to the soft sheepskin nature, it is weak to scratch, but beans have been worn once or twice a week for three months, but they are in good condition without scratch at all. So I looked at the management method and found that the more aging the Ramskin bag, the more scratches it creates even in small friction (no one, no leather, no answer to aging). When I keep my bag, I put another layer of nonwoven fabric in the dust bag and keep it. Ramskin is weak and sensitive to friction, so you have to keep it carefully, so you can lift it pretty for a long time. It is one of the most important management methods to prevent friction from occurring strongly on the surface of the leather. (Please be careful not to be on your nails.) It is difficult to manage like this, so it seems that there are many people who take it out on a special day rather than taking it as a daily bag. Chanel’s diamond quilting pattern is still classic, and the round shape that matches the soft sheepskin adds an elegant mood. It seems to be the charm of the limited season bag that has a familiar feeling but a slightly different design point. One of the reasons I chose this bag was that it was like a classic back mood, a gold chain strap with a twisted leather, and all the handle decorations that blend well with the straps looked pretty. Small size mini bag with a small size. Small flap bag with only the necessary belongings rather than a large bag

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