in the situation that the boycott spreads

Kupangitz has announced measures to limit assignments to delivery partners who frequently cancel calls and refuse. Kupangitz is also expected to be in conflict by notifying partners who receive more than three assignment restrictions that they can be subject to qualification 폰테크 restrictions and termination.

According to the industry on March 13, Kupangitz said, “Recently, GPS manipulation, cancellation and cancellation after excessive rejection and allocation have been found through mobile phone messages to all delivery partners on December 12, and this is a case where business entrustment can be restricted pursuant to Article 3 of the terms and conditions. “He said.

Some partners have been informed that the allocation is limited on April 13 (day 1) under Article 3 (5) of the Terms and Conditions due to excessive rejection, cancellation of assignment, and neglect on a full-time basis. “

“If you are subject to more than three allocation restrictions, you may lose your qualifications for delivery partners and your access to delivery partner apps,” he warned.

Some partners are responding to Kupangites’ notification as unfair measures. This is because it is a measure that prevents long-distance delivery and so on, and it is far from the provisions that Kupangitz has based on.

Partners claim that Kupangitz’s announcement is a tyranny to force a low unit price call after lowering the lowest delivery price to 2500 won last month.

Some partners are expected to ask the Fair Trade Commission for the delivery restrictions of Kupangits.

“This announcement is a measure to prevent cases of manipulating GPS or excessively refusing or canceling calls,” said Kupangitz. “It is intended to prevent the deterioration of service quality by minimizing the refusal and cancellation of improper delivery calls.”

Nonghyup Hanaro Distribution will hold pickled cabbage and kimchi discount events at 2,300 Hanaro Mart nationwide and e-Hanaro Mart in the online shopping mall Nonghyup Mall for 7 days from 15th to 21st.

At this event, consumers can meet various kinds of kimchi such as Nonghyup beautiful cabbage kimchi at low prices, and pickled cabbage can receive a discount of 2,000 won per box when paying with event card (NH, KB, Samsung, Citi, Jeonbuk).

The pickled cabbage of the NACF is produced directly from the Nonghyup Kimchi processing facility, which has been certified as HACCP (Food Risk Small Points Management Standard) by carefully contracted domestic cabbages in the main production areas of Chinese cabbage such as Daegwallyeong, Jeonnam, Haenam, Gyeonggi, and Seoan-dong, Gyeongbuk.

There is controversy over the use of kimchi as a “paochai” () at E-Mart Jeju branch. It is pointed out that it is inappropriate for China to mark kimchi and paochai in the same sense at a large mart, claiming that kimchi is its traditional culture.

E-Mart said, “I will remove the Pao Chai mark as of today,” but the controversy is not likely to sink easily.

According to the posting of the Internet community ‘Boba Dream’ on the 13th, it was found that Kimchi and Pao Chai were put on the phrase that guides Kimchi display stand at E-Mart Jeju store.

Paochai means Chinese pickled vegetables; China has not recently allowed Kimchi-related products to be trademarked as ‘KIMCHI’, citing its own food safety national standard (GB) system.It is forced to label kimchi-related products sold locally as ‘Pao Chai’ instead of kimchi

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