requesting that the work be clearly distributed

A male guest in his 60s suddenly showed symptoms of cardiac arrest at a massage shop and was taken to a hospital.

According to the Incheon Bupyeong Fire Department on the 17th, 119 reports were received by the owner of the company that A (63), a guest, showed symptoms of cardiac arrest at a massage shop in Samsan-dong, Bupyeong-gu, Incheon, at 11:06 pm the previous day.

“The employee who was massaged to Mr. A went to the bathroom for three to five minutes and then returned, and Mr. A was unconscious,” the business owner told the fire department.

When 119 paramedics were dispatched after receiving the report, A was lying on the ceiling, and a business official was doing CPR on him. The fire department transported A, who had no breathing or pulse, to a nearby hospital.

“No trace of trauma was found to A at the time of the dispatch,” said a fire official. “I figured that A was being treated in the intensive care unit.”

Before the game, SSG Lomac massaged her bat, and Lomac, who had placed herself on the bat from calf to thigh, relaxed with a happy expression.

Lomac, who joined the SK Wyverns in 2017, has already been in the KBO League for five years, and he is training himself and managing his body as if he are Korean.

Lomac is third in the KBO league’s career home run list (144), and he is also in fifth place with nine home runs this season.

As a nickname of ‘Romac General’, Romac earns 600,000 won per home run and sponsors surgery costs for children who are sick in low-income families in Incheon after the season.

Lomac, who is loved 스웨디시 by fans for his good character, will also record double-digit home runs for the fifth consecutive year if he adds only one home run

Diopter Korea announced on the 17th that it has released a snow massager.

The new diopter eye massager uses a flexible metal conductor to fully close the device and eyes to deliver heat uniformly.

It is also characterized by the fact that the weight of the device is only one tenth of the normal snow massager, so it is not burdensome to wear for a long time. Real 3D technology was also applied with a triple structure with a metal conductor.

“The product consists of four modes, fatigue, drying, sleep, and fomentation, designed by a team of researchers specializing in diopter,” said an official. “It can operate all functions in one button way, and can be connected to USB ports anytime and anywhere. “It’s good to use the water as it is on the surface of the water.”

The PA size across the country is estimated at around 10,000. The number of PAs has continued to increase as hospitals have been suffering from lack of doctors and the law on majors, which restricted their work for more than 80 hours a week in 2016. The medical scene rolled because there were PAs during the strike of majors who opposed the expansion of medical gardens and the establishment of public medical schools last year, but the current law does not recognize the PA status itself. They are people who exist but should not exist.

Numerous nurses, including PA, are exposed to illegal medical practices. “When a new nurse comes in, she teaches you how to prescribe it as a doctor ID,” said an 11-year-old nurse, D., who works in an intensive care unit. “Even though the pressure ulcer has invaded the muscles, the nurse cuts and disinfects the tissue with a blade (knife). D mentioned the case where a nurse had to cut off her arm by touching her nerves while catching the patient’s artery line instead of a doctor, and said, “It is the same as telling a child who can not drive to drive.”

“When I have a heart surgery, I also work on collecting blood vessels from my limbs,” said C, a 10-year thoracic surgeon PA nurse.“In the end, I think PA is just an easy substitute for providing people with no legal protection, but it’s just a simple substitute,” he said, adding that while the doctor was inserting Ekmo (in vitro oxygen supply) during surgery, I had to massage and massage the patient’s heart.

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